2. Earthquake prediction

Earthquake prediction

Earthquake Prediction at Home with Reverse Radio

Although our core business is designing/developing production automation systems, we have come to recognize the importance of “earthquake prediction”, which was one of the topics discussed at an inter-industry event our company hosted immediately after the Great Hanshin and Awaji Earthquake in January of 1995. We have thus begun exploring the possibility of earthquake prediction even though we were far from being an expert in seismology.

◆Earthquake prediction information service



 Earthquake Prediction at Home with Reverse Radio(3.83 MB/PDF)

◆History of Earthquake Prediction Research

The Great Hanshin and Awaji Earthquake (M7.3, Max. seismic intensity level 7) occurred on January 17, 1995, with the focus of the epicenter located in Hyogo Prefecture. Many buildings including highways were destroyed, and its devastating damage claimed more than 6,000 lives. This earthquake made us realize that even in regions where the predicted occurrence rate was extremely low, there is always the possibility of massive earthquakes that can bring about vast and serious damage.

Immediately after the big earthquake in February 1995, our company hosted an inter-industry event. During this meeting, many cases of “Noise in radio waves” were brought up, such as an atomic clock that had become inaccurate just before the earthquake occurred, a driver who was on the Hanshin Expressway had complained about the noise on his AM radio, etc.

Also, there was an introduction to a research paper written by a Japanese seismologist about “Electromagnetic anomalies for earthquake predictions,” which was published in an English Journal, “Nature vol.347, No.6291, Sept.1990.” According to the research paper, electromagnetic radiation waves were released from minerals by an increase in underground pressure before large earthquakes. Collecting and observing these electromagnetic signals might allow us to predict the time when earthquakes are about to happen.

The members of the inter-industry group, mainly consisting of engineers, visited the seismologist’s office immediately after reading the article, and they started the research on earthquake predictions that uses electromagnetic signals after concluding an agreement to receive technical support from the seismologist.

◆Electromagnetic Noise Observation System “Reverse Radio”


The inter-industry group including our company developed the unique “Reverse Radio” device that automatically identifies natural electromagnetic noise to pursue our studies in earthquake prediction. The group acquired a patent for the system in 2001.

Electromagnetic noise detector/analyzer
(Many overseas patents based on Patent No. 3188609, No. 5379373)