Automation and labor saving

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Automatic assembly machine
Automatic assembly machine
Automatic conveyance and handling
Automation for conveyance and work handling
Electric and electronic component automation
Automation for electronic-components or device
Machining and coating process automation
Automation for processing and painting process
Inspection process automation
Inspection process automation
Automotive component automation
Automation of auto parts manufacturing process
Food and drug automation
Automation of medical supplies, food, etc.
Other, custom automation
In addition, automation of special specification

Mecatronics training system

Training machines »
Mechatronics Technical Training System:MM3000
Mechatronics Technical Training System MM3000 The MM-3000V Mechatronics Technology Training System is a ground-breaking technological learning tool that creates a small tabletop production line that allows you to learn about mechanisms and controls hands-on.
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Small size FA Line Training Machine:FAM-3000
小型FAライン実習装置:FAM3000 This system consists of four part supply units and a pallet transport conveyer, and permits hands-on production line training, such as parts supply methods, pickup methods, pallet transport, and rotation methods.
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Maintenance Training System Series:MM3000-MT
Maintenance Training System:MM3000-MT With this system, users learn how to promptly and appropriately handle frequently-occurring malfunctions on the production line.
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Mechatronic Simulator V2
Mechatronic Simulator V2 This is a mechatronic device digital control simulator which operates on a Windows computer platform. Users can position the mechatronic device on the screen, and simulate digital controls such as using PLC, computer and microcontroller. Also, it is compatible with the MM-3000V series modules, so it is optimal for learning how to control it using the actual device.
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